Hello and welcome to 40-Mile Gold Dredging and Log Cabin Lodging!

These are privately owned cabins brought to Chicken for your gold mining experience. Please treat them with extreme care.


The Alaskan Dream

Hi! My name is Jim G. Swearingin. I have lived in Alaska for 19 years. I generally run my sawmill in the fall, winter and spring. I build cabins and make wood lap siding. I go gold suction dredging in the summer, and try to go fishing down in Valdez when I can. I love this state of Alaska with all my heart. Nowhere else in this world can you find this unique lifestyle, and pursue all your dreams and make them a reality. So come visit me, stay at my log cabins and scratch the surface of what Alaska is all about! There is so much to see and do here, even I haven’t begun to see and do all there is to do here myself.

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